"synthetic sequence added to the virus" by any red-pilled explanation would mean a chimeric bio-weapon released on all of humanity.

Covid did to me what no other pathogen did before [and I've had some pretty nasty flu bugs], and that's wiping out my sense of smell. It took me a good 7 full months to regain my sense of smell and I'm a hard core essential oil huffer and a foodie/baker and it was actually frightening to lose.

I'm a bit of a Pollyanna in that I try to find something good out of something awful. For me, it was regaining my sense of smell and appreciating it even when I smell something off-putting. It's a daily reminder of how blessed we are when we have our health in tact.

I hope and pray for humanity to survive this evil. Sadly, it doesn't look good for those who fell for the hot lot shots that completely cripple the immune system to the point where it literally turns on itself. Every effin' 'booster' is a potential suicide bullet. 😭💔

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Wow, looks like you were well ahead of the curve on this one!

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I can’t even imagine a doctor with enough expertise in the US to even look so in-depth at what is wrong with you. It’s basically “wow you’re screwed and I don’t have a clue”. All I even get from doctors is 🤷‍♂️

No treatment offered, just “see ya in 6 months” lol. ( If you’re still alive.)

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Did the word 'Experimental' Every get its day in court?

I mean if you fell for that then Darwin's theory of evolution needs a re-write by the author of the movie script Idiocracy.

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This is how pseudouridine substituted RNA works. I read a study where they used it to make induce immunotolerance but they only discussed the impact on T cells; this appears to be what happens to the antibody system at the same time. I wrote about it here:


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