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Hi Jonathan. I have two young adult children. My son got the shot, my daughter did not. My daughter and I both had the Beta Covid. We are not getting the shot. I am very worried about my son who is 26 and a smart robotics engineer. Lots of smart lovely people have been fooled with their trust in government.

I try hard to understand your very amazing in-depth posts. Thank you for them. I just do not understand.

I want to know if my son will be OK or not? Is there anything one can do after two shots of this Pfizer? I have begged him to not get boosters.

Please is there a straight forward answer?

Sorry for not having the mental gymnastics ability to make sense out of your info. Explain it to me like you would a child - and the straight goods. I need to know the truth and accept it and be as much of a support to the people around me who it seems will become sick.

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I appreciate the time and effort you must put in here to works like this. Can you explain in a few sentences to the unscientific mind, like you would to a five year old or golden retriever, what is happening with the vax spike protein in the body, if it goes to all organs or just some, and why some people have adverse reactions, some die and it appears nothing happens at all in others? Are some doses saline?

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It appears that metabolic health is key! Reading your excellent post had me connecting distant dots, that may or may not be relevant to what is happening here. If you continue to look further upstream, as you said, what about peoples diets? How does diet affect these cytokine cascades? What about the glycocalyx? Terrain theory vs. germ theory of disease? It all seems inter-connected to me…

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I just blasted thru parts 1-4. I can only think of Game of Thrones and the creed of the Faceless Men. “ Valar morghulis” All men die.

That being said, I had reservations about the jab, but didn’t trust my gut. Got 1st and 2nd in March and May 21. Within a month of 2nd I had a nasty staph infection that became an abscess and necrotic and had to be surgically removed and burned. Fun start to summer. I was and am convinced this was related to the jab.

In November was diagnosed with NAFLD. Which I saw in your write up. At the time I figured it was shit diet and exercise and I have had elevated liver tests prior to Covid, but now? Finally, Dec and January had “colds” that were moderate, but weren’t COvid, finally getting COVId in February.

I’ve been supplementing niacin, NAC, quercitin zinc vit c/d and serrapeptase since November, but it just seems like death by a thousand cuts.

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Very Good & Complete Review, and exhaustively sourced w/links.

+ I haven't spotted *A SINGLE* typo or spelling or grammar error.

The point:

The virus to a minor level (populational), using different mechanisms, and the vaccine using others, induce similar immune responses, similar pathological effects, mostly because of the S (spike) protein.

The mRNA is faster and worse than the virus on inducing its pathological effects because you are producing almost a trillion units of Spike proteins, which in turn are severe inflammatory, allergenic and with antigens from diseases that can all end up in an dominant immune response you do not want given the circumstances.


It just blows the mind that the Spike's lethality, which was published on from multiple sources from Q2 2020, did not derail its use as a vaccine antigen.

Example, not cited here: 21 May 2020 https://www.biorxiv.org/content/10.1101/2020.05.21.109272v1

Department of Computational and Systems Biology, School of Medicine, University of Pittsburgh, the lab where a guy was shot & coincidently died: Bing Liu.

*AND* all this for a vaccine that couldn't possibly *EVEN FUCKEN WORK*, even if it worked to generate a usefull HUMORAL (=all your inside liquids) reaction to a MUCOSAL (=all your wet surface parts exposed to the outside) virus entry.

*AND* we don't *EVEN KNOW* if their *BLOODY WANING ANTIBODIES* aren't contributing further to *WORSENING* the disease.

HELL is soon gonna get CROWDED.

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Thank you, for the hypothesis, I know you are doing good work. God blesses people with all sorts of gifts, he made you smart and detailed. You will be in my prayers with my son. I hope answers and truths are made available to your intellect. My son eats well and exercises. Do you ever think God gave us omicron to help undo these world powers methods in making us sick?

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Spike proteins = Reich's T-bacilli = misfolded prions

This is from 2002, diagrams/photographs with the T-bacilli, EXACTLY the present day spike proteins from Sars-Cov-2:

https://www.researchgate.net/publication/235160387_Bion-Biogenesis_Research_and_Seminars_at_OBRL_Progress_Report (pg 11)




The cmRNA vaccines are coded with Pseudouridine, an alien code (100% replacement of Uracil), which facilitates the emergence of misfolded prions/isomeric antibodies.

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I’ve read all of your articles and really appreciate your writing. Please don’t shoot this question down immediately, but are you convinced of the HIV-AIDS hypothesis? After diligently researching years ago I was convinced by books like “Inventing the AIDS Virus” by Duesberg that it is a harmless passenger virus that hitchhikes in your DNA and is primarily passed down at a 50% rate through childbirth. AIDS doesn’t “spread” like an infectious disease does, tens of millions of Americans are “HIV positive” (pcr antibody test) but never acquire AIDS, the approx same number of AIDS patients (<1m) have existed since the 80s in the US, they had to devise a “latent” period (constantly adjusted upwards) to explain the lack of presentation of AIDS in HIV patients, etc etc. I have no doubt some scientists copied 2-4 sequences from HIV to engineer covid, probably because it is one of the most researched viruses (and perhaps what they swapped helped binding affinity). But is it correct in many of the instances where you mention HIV to denote an immunocompromised individual that you actually explicitly mean HIV, or could you could simply be saying AIDS? Is there some overwhelming evidence you rely on to believe the HIV-AIDS hypothesis? This wouldn't exactly be the first time the Science censored and lied to us.

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I'm an avid follower, learning as you post. Just got an antibody test result, SARS-COV-2 Spike Ab Dilution, (Roche Elecsys Anti-SARS-CoC-2 S) of > 25,000 U/mL. Can you comment on this value? 25K is off the chart by 10X to 50X. Not currently infected with COVID. 2 jabs April 2021. COVID July 22

Already following spike detox supplements + IVM for the last 6 mo.

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Alpha-Glycosyl-Isoquercetrin is one of many antiviral flavonoids that I’ve been using since the start of the pandemic. It also decreases TH17 production.

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Thanks for the info Alberto. Hope that is the case. One of the reasons I did not get the shot was my brother got one Moderna jab and had some kind of stroke/neurological attack. After visiting many doctors including a neurologist and allergy specialist to name a few, they all told him they had been seeing hundreds of cases. Some also told him they did not speak up because they feared loosing their jobs. Trudeau has made a list of doctors against the vaccines and is having the doctors association try to take licences just like he is doing with the truckers. My brother after 6 months is not having the terrible headaches but his hands are still twitching uncontrollably.

He just hired a 24 year old that had one shot and now has heart issues. Two nieces have menstrual issues. That is a lot of people! For one like myself that doesn’t really get out much. I am following Dr. Bridle from the University of Guelph. He is speaking up a lot and I am so very glad.

Thanks for the links! I will look this over. Your observations make sense to me. You are kind to reply!

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