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Interesting. Not sure about "mild collapse". Look at France, they have 56 power reactors, are planning to dismantle most of them by whatever year. The green (historically an off shot of the Grünen) is a major local power in many big cities (Paris(ish), Grenoble, Nantes, Lyon). That's just France. Uk is somehow immuned but Brighton, straight south). Germany is plagued (green means more drug rapist apparently).

Even if nuclear energy did get the green light, which might happen because the Club of Rome's 4th industrial revolution is just not feasible and might jump ship; couple this whith demographics. ans diversity hires in nuclear maintenance and we have a very dark scenario. Let alone the estrogen component. Check "Anne Lauvergeon" and Areva.

Your takes are interesting. Not your choice of colour for gloves though ha.

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