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""Democracy is like a train: when you reach your destination, you get off"

- Recep Tayyip Erdogan, current President of Turkey

So much to comment on here (well done!) but I'll say this for now:

"China is likely to invade Taiwan this year"

Taiwan might be a bluff. I agree that China is now in a war economy. This is worth at least considering:


JR Nyquist and Dr. Yan Li-Meng discuss China's INVASION plans with Mike Adams (the invasion target is actually the United States)

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Yan Li smells, talks, and thinks like a double agent, perhaps triple. (IMO)

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It's important we stay sceptical on these people, I agree.

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Our country has had significant signs of decline for about 15 years. I think people don't come to terms with that reality until the signs are so very obvious right around them, and eventually they are directly affected. I've been mentally preparing for this for a long time, but it's still frightening.

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I agree with everything you just said. I just don't get how 95% of people don't see it. Its blindingly obvious to anyone with a functional brain, surely. Thats not to dismiss your great analysis. People like yourself are the giants on whose shoulders us awake folk stand.

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Many types of biases out there, the most common and pertinent, recency bias. Thank you for your kind words.

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Remember Nord Stream 2 being stalled endlessly ?

There was no invasion of Ukraine to blame last November.

All preplanned by the enemy within.


German regulator puts brake on Nord Stream 2 in fresh blow to gas pipeline

U.S., some European state oppose Russian-backed pipeline

Surging gas prices push Europe to find more supplies

Russian lawmaker says delays not in interest of EU


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It has been absolutely building for years, there is no doubt about it.

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"The entire West, the Third World and NATO, its allies, are unbelievably unprepared to fight wars as they are being fought right now and have been for 18 months." --John Paul

Between Afghanistan and Ukraine, NATO low on major weapon system reloads for the foreseeable future.

NATO revealed as a joke, secret overtures will be made to European governments to "sit this one out." Or face devastation by massed tactical/neutron warheads as well as those 'decommissioned' strategic ones. An easy choice to make, one they regret years later from the gulags.

Russian Chinese massive nuclear superiority documented for world leaders.

Infiltration of US command systems also noted.

Biden Regime falls, Continuity of Government takes command.

US will capitulate in preference to atomic war (#2 of the 45 Communist Goals).

Limited nuclear strikes against deployed US assets.

Spetnatz teams move in to seize nuclear reactors, serious combat at multiple airfields despite US pledge of non aggression. First use of nuclear weapons on US soil.

Then the real fight begins. Rounding up the people, most who will die of starvation, energy grid failures, lack of fresh water, and fresh distributed diseases.

Areas of resistance will be targeted with tactical nuclear and or neutron warhead assault after EMP blanket.

With the current US political and Military leadership, who's to say it won't go like this.

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Me. I say it won't go like this =). If any country strikes the US in any kinetic way, I can guarantee you, 150% that country will suffer more disasters in 5 weeks, than on its last 300 years.

A LOT of independent actors bear a love for the nostalgia of America once was, with the belief it can be that again.

Also some of these people want NATO dead, and had wanted this for 3 decades by now. So many games being played at the same time.

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This all paves the way for CBDC with global panopticon surveillance and enslavement of the masses that survive the culling.

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I spent some time in Senegal a few years ago. There was the memory of the chaos in the south, but no fear of any coming "anarchy". What fear there was, came from the north, militant Islam.

The apocalyptic tone of that Kaplan piece seems not to have materialized, at least not in the progression imagined. Reading it though, I have seen how terribly polluted and denuded the land and waters have become in the Midwest, which presages much more serious problems. You cannot treat nature with such disrespect, as every one of us and civilization is utterly dependent.

Still, if there is a last bastion of democracy and freedom, I am imaginging that is the Great Lakes region.

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I'm astonished to read of that Region or the other, when the origin of Chaos, the philosophy of Chaos, the building of Chaos and the plan to make more chaos around, is from USA, the most criminal country ever. The one that has built its wealth on war economy and business. The one that was even able to set up a deadly show in New York to justify the need to make more wars, kill more innocents, to make money and sustain PIL growth with missiles and bullets...

I mean, only ignorant believe in Democracy and especially in the US exported democracy. And those are the one that like to sell Anarchy as chaos... Poor ignorant, at the time that in Europe philosophers were writing on Anarchy you probably were making wars, may be North - South or finishing the america's natives genocide.

To be clear: we, in Europe, never had a problem with Russia. AT ALL!! You criminals from UCA, United Criminals of America, had a problem with Russia. And next is China. You criminals of the never ending war to anybody, but outside USA (smart...), have created the chaos, planned and built it up!

You need other World Regions or countries in trouble to cover the US economy failure, to cover a century of financial crimes around the world. And after your last Covid plan... another war... in Europe! Wow, how smart and intelligent you guys are, together with that other criminal country called UK!

So next time if you want to talk about chaos and how it works or grow, ask any american citizen that has contributed to the situation we have now, supporting his Governments Crimes and never standing up to stop it!

You americans are the cause of Chaos, but as immature persons, kids, you like to blame others for that! But you're all guilty! Remember that!

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Lmao. I am >>>>>>>>>>>>BRAZILLIAN<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

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Michael Hudson on Superimperialism: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PtHX23Trvy4

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I'm tempted to like this comment simply for the entertainment provided by its blind stupidity.

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I think the Kerry Gold.butter is a joke. I bought some 3 or 4 days ago. there is still loads and its only about 20% higher in price than a few months ago. Sunflower oil was rationed in winter. I tried to buy 2 and got told to out one back. it's now 5 Euro for a 700ml bottle. this used to be about 80c before winter.

Our gas is double last yr. it went up on 01.01. People here don't seem to think shutting down BASF is a bad thing. Chemicals = bad for environment. so a lot of people are happy. they have no idea that this will fuck the whole world's supply chain.

I don't think we're going to suffer high inflation. ok we already are, but it wont hit 30 or 40%. this is inflation caused by scarcity. Soon it will flip. assuming we get access to the gas again we will definitely suffer a deflationary event. but we will be hoarding over the coming months. zee vinter ist coming

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Next one will make it clear that food scarcity and inflation in regards to food and some other things will stay high. And so is fuel.

There is no feasible way food (especially grains) will be plentiful short-term. Food scarcity, high costs of fuel = recipe for unrest. People should be hording right now though.

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yep food and energy will go up more and stay up for a while. "shit from china" will fall off a cliff.

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I share your thoughts on this matter, but the problem we face is relatively simple to describe.

The beliefs of a sizable portion of modern climate science (science as whole at this point) hold are quasi-religious.

There are also other aspects that are much harder to pinpoint and properly explain, like the fact that a lot of Green initiatives and Climate activism in Europe were done by Intel operatives from Russia.

In the age of Hybrid War, very few things need to make sense, as long the objective is reached.

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