I will share the pictures of my last hike on a later date, didn't take many because DIDN'T STOP STORMING =(. I did hike quite a bit though, but it became too dangerous, especially for my knee integrity.

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"What if we all were stupid and didn't realize it?"

THiC, and also Jessica Rose's Substacks, have helped me to better grasp something: namely, that the ability to evaluate an argument depends upon far more than just a nominal understanding of the words and symbols used in presenting said argument.

Absent a deep understanding of the context and implications of the words and symbols used in presenting an argument, one's evaluation of said argument can be only superficial.

A salient feature of medical science, as of the physical sciences in general, is its colossal, overwhelming complexity. There can be few, if any, humans alive capable of understanding in-depth more than a tiny portion of it. Most medical professionals are aware of this reality ; it is why their field is divided into numerous specialties. Yet few medical professionals in the present day will admit publicly that, within their own specialty, their understanding is faulty – let alone dare suggest that their superior's understanding is faulty.

THiC, and Rose, have helped me better grasp how stupid I am. By extension, how stupid most medical professionals are. And also, how easy plandemonium is to orchestrate within almost any human institution: simply give its people, from the top down, the illusion that they have mastery of a subject they do not actually master. For fear of appearing stupid, most will play along. They will point to their superiors as having settled the science in the matter.

Sit back as they all destroy one another in their attempt to keep face.

With warm thanks to THiC.

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Only supplements I really take now are a gram of each Glycine NAC together, berberine by itself and gorillaminds sigma (which has vitaminD) lol makes me feel a lot more sane having been in the great con of our time getting v’D for college. Thanks for all your work and great article tying alot of it together.

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FWIW this was a nice article that tied a lot of your previous ones neatly together! Now I see why you are big on the GlyNAC. Question: Is there anything to the claim that NAC "blocks a mitochondrial apoptosis pathway important for eliminating diseased cells?" If so, would this indicate cycling NAC? From a layman's perspective, this looks like it could be the result of in-vitro studies so I'm suspicious of this claim...

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