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Good Article is there any truth to the rumors that their is a hemorrhaging fever outbreak in china

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Great article, John. Will certainly have to read through it a few more times to hopefully grasp exactly what this means. Glad to see all this information in one place, I have been looking for an article just like this.

Even though your articles are on the dark side of what is currently going on, this information needs to be out there.

Thank you, and keep up the incredible work.

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This is helpful in explaining Dr. Ryan Cole's comment which has stayed with me since he said it, "a reverse AIDS" It's clearer now, it's not the CD4 cells that go down it's the CD8 cells that do yet it produces a similar immune deficiency. Thanks!

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Great article, I really appreciate it. Can you confirm that the immune skew you describe is what's happening with vaccinated for the most part? I read some of the studies noted that it applies to both vaccinated and unvaccinated responses. Am i misunderstanding?

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Superb post. Looking forward to the next one.

Am I correct in stating that these immune failing issues among the vaccinated only arises with the gene based vaccines and not the non-gene based vaccines (e.g. Novavax, the Chinese vaccines etc)?

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Worrying but interesting read, thanks!


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Quite good.

The Everything disease and pathology acceleration.

If we had done nothing & jus' kept smoking & drinkin & cookin' meat, nothing would have happened. The bloody vax spike immuno depletion is what made the plandemic.

Most wrong I believe, is the epidemiology: this quasi-species spreads slowly, manifests itself explosively. EVERYBODY treats it as measles, it's not. Well maybe also the Measles model is wrong.

H2H is a jerk, but he's robbed enough ideas & formalized them well enough editing POST HOC his older publications to put THAT on the map.

Note1: re-read 1 time moar.

Note2: still waiting for answer to my collapse-onset debt-trap comment. "will answer there"

Note3: in other substack, I get email when comment and/or answer to comment. Here, I struggle to find the substack I commented, if I haven't bookmarked it, which I haven't.

Must be substack config stuff.


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Thanks for putting this together. Is *reverse* really the appropriate descriptor here?

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Thanks, great post! I look forward to reading all the reverse AIDS posts. 😊❤️ That is great that you have someone helping you figure these things out, we all benefit from your collaboration.

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