If you than ad the 2nd cleavage site cathepsin.... Holy cow... So it is depending on epeigenetic preconditions which will be 1st striking: the more cancerous FCS or the more neuropathologic Cathepsin B CS....

Weird thing, dear John.

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Don't forget to buy John a coke zero folks for his hard work ;).

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Just wow!

A brilliant tutorial on Gal-3

I know that there is a preprint on Gal-3 as a potential biomarker for severe COVID


All things cancer command my interest. The  HIF-1 oxygen pathway upregulates Gal-3? I know about K-ras (the alluded to article was in German) . And, of course, there is the role of Gal-3 in Alzies

.I just learned about the interplay of the SPIKE with bacterial biomasses and the revelation of the LPSs.  So, now, LPS and Gal-3 can interact outside the cell, potentially generating inflammatory effects?  We can not win!

Thank you~ Time to study.  Uh, oh, is this really just Part 1?


Kindly read John Paul's comment on Twitter that I just saw-

"I don't know which is worse, the fact that Galectin-3 can bind to LPS and create a molecular bomb, or it creates an autoimmune reaction when you have a lot IgG4 around."

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Thanks John, another awesome deep dive, long awaited.

Particularly interesting about complex formation with K-RAS and effects on HSCs.

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Pls continue Gals effect on human health Mr. John.

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I learned today during the betterhealthguy podcast from a pediatrician That the blood brain barrier does not fully close until 21 years of age. Another reason childrens nervous systems and brain would be more effected by toxins and injection ingredients.

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I have asthma. never had an attack or anything but have to take the spray before exercise and generally before bed. i take it at least 2 times or more a day. Could a galactin3 inhibitor help this?

the very odd thing when I had covid (unjabbed june this yr so probably omicrom) was my asthma was markedly better than normal. i noticed i could breath better. it went back to normal about 10days after my covid diagnosis. completely unexpected so wasn't some kind of placebo bias. my covid was literally a bit of a headache for a few hours. any ideas what happened?

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So, eliminating carbohydrate might help?

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have you seen this? i thought it was just crackpots on bitchute.com spouting this. this is a mainstream paper. boris Johnson used to work as their editor

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