The floods in Australia were man made. This isn’t conspiracy crackpot talk either.

They got caught cloud seeding during the floods, and the MSM in Australia had to acknowledge it…of course they had some excuse, but they used so much material in the atmosphere it popped on Doppler radar. I’ll try and find the news clip.

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My personal information and experience.

My father is an agricultural engineer for life. Now around 40 years total. He also cultivates around 100 hectares of personal land for crops.

In August he 'ordered' the usual fertilizer for next year. All his distributors said there's none and they will call back when an estimated delivery will be possible. I don't have to tell you they haven't called yet!

One of his best friend who stayed at their university as a professor is running a 'no nitrogen fertilizer' field experiment for 30 years. They use some traditional ways to bring back nutrition to the land but not chemical fertilizer used. So with today knowledge and extensive labour this is the result: they can have 50% yield of the nitrogen fertilizer land.

His estimation is that without fertilizer yield will fall immediately at least by 30%. Then with proper natural recycling but continuing the industrial farming you will loose minimum 5%/year until 0 the soil is totally eroded.

Good luck for everyone in '23. People thought the last 3 years were bad then not sure what will be next year. Food inflation will be insane!

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Your perspective is appreciated. Take whatever time you need to deal with personal issues.

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On a separate note, do you have any other recommendations nootropics wise besides the brain stack with piracetam? What about modafinil, other ones etc

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